Developing professional solutions and driving quality control for leading software companies.


Over 9 years experience driving quality control and software testing for Israel’s leading software companies.
Automation Developer

SentinelOne – Autonomous Endpoint Protection.

Senior Support Engineer

Zerto – Provided advanced technical support to clients who are working to deploy and maintain Zerto solutions and related tools.

QA Engineer

Verint – Communications & Cyber Intelligence Solutions

QA Team Leader

Elbit Systems – Provided technical expertise in testing and product knowledge. Provided accurate estimates and reports of test progress.

Why me?

Highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate.
Experienced in addressing challenging software problems.

Create Success.
Born with a competitive spirit and a natural drive to be the best. I put high expectations on my work and my results. Strict discipline and laser focus give me the confidence it takes to overcome challenges.
I stay motivated by setting firm goals. I define benchmarks and create milestones that allow me to measure the success of my work.
Always Learning.
If i'm not growing, I'm not succeeding. My professional growth is based on how much effort I put into being the best at what I do, what I study, both directly and indirectly related to my craft.
Steve Jobs once said, "The greatest people are self-managed." I'm someone who can execute difficult tasks and can figure out the best ways to solve problems in an autonomous manner.

  • Collaborative
  • Problem-Solver
  • Hands-On
  • Strategic


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